Reykjavik Has Something for Everyone, Including You

Example of a content marketing story for a travel agency, promoting travel to Reykjavik, Iceland.

In Iceland, Reykjavik is where the action is. It’s the biggest city in the country and the nation’s capital. This modern urban centre offers you the chance to visit the northernmost capital city on the planet.

 History buffs revel in exploring Reykjavik. Don’t miss touring the Alþingishúsið, the oldest surviving parliament house in the world.

 Meander through streets as clean, green and safe as any you’ve seen. Stroll around Austurvöllur — central Reykjavík’s famous park, then enjoy the hospitality of the nearby restaurants and bars.

Reykjavík’s weekend nightlife is world-renowned. Ask your driver to drop you off on Laugavegur. There are over 100 fun and safe venues for you to sample. Join the many Icelanders who love partying responsibly until the wee hours of the morning.

 For more serenity, drive a few minutes into the countryside to visit the Blue Lagoon spa. The Blue Lagoon turns Iceland’s volcanic geology into a luxury experience.

 The Gulf Stream makes Reykjavik’s climate milder than you’d think. You’ll likely see temperatures in the low-teens Celsius/mid-fifties Fahrenheit. They might even reach the twenties/seventies on a good day.

Winter temperatures rarely dip below -15˚ C/ 5˚ F. 

So bundle up to enjoy the city’s world-renowned Iceland Airwaves Music Festival in October. Or, thrill to the traditional New Year’s Eve celebration when the skies are alight with fireworks.

 Reykjavik offers something for everyone. We can arrange it all. Visit us today to plan your Icelandic getaway.

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