About Me

I deliver ready-to-publish, persuasive, business-to-business marketing content, on time and under budget, that consistently achieves clients’ strategic advertising goals.

My services include creative content marketing stories, web copy, eLearning modules and technical documents for ad agencies, marketers, publishers and communications firms in the business-to-business field.

I have extensive experience in content writing, technical writing and training and development, working as a consultant with many of Canada’s most successful organizations and later in management roles in both the public and private sectors.

Writing has always been my passion. It’s a gift people have recognized in me since childhood. I now have the opportunity to express that part of myself in the service of others.

I’m available to deliver creative content marketing stories, web copy, blog entries, and social media posts for progressive communicators and marketers in the non-profit, public and private sectors.



Increasingly, today’s customers respond to messages presented in story or article form.

I’ll work with you to understand your sales goals, messaging objectives and the needs and values of of your target customers.

I’ll start with your ideas, structure them, add some innovative flare and create a persuasive story you can tell your customers. I have a lifetime of experience helping achieve their goals.


The lifespan of today’s website is about two years. Keeping your web content fresh might mean a complete rewrite or revising cornerstone copy.

Whatever your needs, I’ll work with you to understand customer expectations, your firm’s product, and your brand’s identity.

I’ll deliver content to drive your goals and keep your site engaging, compelling, and above all, profitable.


Today’s customers look to influencers to guide their buying decisions. Brands need to demonstrate their subject matter expertise to their customer base through long-form content. 

I’ll put my decades of well-honed research skills to work for you. I’ll discover your customers’ interests and create and innovative blog to position your organization as the authority in your space—and your brand as the product or service of choice.


David is the quintessential take-the-ball-and-run-with-it person. His expertise, professionalism, and vast wealth of knowledge are invaluable. David is adept at quickly understanding technical topics and translating the mundane into readable, understandable, and effective content. In addition to his content writing skills, David brings a professional yet genuinely friendly demeanor to the group. Highly recommend.
— Ross Nepean

David is an exceptional writer and I would highly recommend him. He writes to express and not to impress. When I worked with David, he was our senior consultant that reviewed our reports and provided coaching and direction to our staff. Our team delivered exceptional reports and assessments as a result of his leadership.
— Colleen Moretti

Excellent work here, David! Strong opening, very visual descriptions, great details, and your writing is very natural and conversational, which is just what we want. This is excellent!
Jennifer Van Evra

David, I really like this. Thanks, this is exactly what I was hoping for.
— Lisa Shepherd

It is an absolute pleasure to recommend David as a talented content writer and a conceptual thinker outside of the box. He was very respected for his experience and the professionalism that he brought to his role at GSK and would transfer that skill set easily to any new projects he is given. I enjoyed his humour and trusted his fundamental judgement on all of the projects we worked on together.
— Rob O’Reilly

David’s wordsmithing skills are exceptional! I’ve had the pleasure of including David as a member of my consulting team. I was always impressed with his ability to distill complex and convoluted subjects into clear and precise instructions and easily understood content. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking content writing services.
— Katherine Chornoboy

David Rintoul has refined research, writing and people management skills that enable him to synthesize and adapt a diversity of subjects and voices into a symphony.
— Joshua Caplan

The blog is great! I gave it a couple good read throughs and couldn’t find anything I didn’t like! The flow was consistent, your insightfulness on the ID Cards was spot on, and all of the added benefits you mentioned made it seamless! I will add it to the blog page now! Thank you very much!  Thanks and I look forward to receiving your next blog!”
— Aaron Ritter




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David Morton Rintoul Freelance Writer
Write to express, not to impress.