The End of the Beginning

Example of a content marketing story for a clothing company that targets ambitious young men.​

Finishing college can feel like you’ve reached the top and wound up at the bottom at the same time. You’ve met all those goals you set for yourself as a freshman. You were praised and lauded at your graduation. They made you the centre of attention, and everybody told you how proud they were.

You’ve landed a good position, but sometimes it feels like your degree is more like a learner’s permit than a golden ticket. You’re bright, you’re energetic, and you’re ambitious. The talent has always been there, and now you have the knowledge base. This is your chance to prove it.

You need to be the “go-to guy” starting now. You want to be the one they turn to with the tough projects where failure is not an option. Try to stand a little taller than your co-workers so that they look up to you. Make sure there’s something about you that says you’re a leader. They trust you to get it done and done right.

You’re not the patient type, and that’s a good thing. Keep it up, and you’ll end up where you plan to be.

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